Cleveland Show Dance Off

Angry Pumpkin / Fox Digital (World Wide)

UI Design & Development

iPhone and iPad

The Cleveland Show Dance Off app was developed by Angry Pumpkin to promote the popular Fox animated series, The Cleveland Show.

Angry Pumpkin’s brief was to create a fun, colourful looking game that was appealing to kids and fans of the show. As the show already has a strong brand, the design needed to be sensitive to the existing style of The Cleveland Show while incorporating a ‘bling’ aesthetic, with a nod to hip hop and dance culture.

Angry Pumpkin required the creation of all 2D assets for the game and App Store, along with online promotional materials.

The app was released to coincide with the launch of season 3, and the season 2 DVD in the USA, and was Fox’s flagship app for the second half of 2011.

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