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Angry Pumpkin


Little Johnny Joke Machine App


UI Design


The Little Johnny Joke Machine is an iOS app developed by Angry Pumpkin to promote Little Johnny The Movie, an irreverent, animated feature that is set in 1960s Australia. The app was launched in conjunction with the premier of the film at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2011.

Angry Pumpkin requested that the main navigation be built around the concept and imagery of a film strip, with each cell representing a component of a joke. In keeping with the movie the design had to have a retro feel that celebrated the golden age of cinema and animation.

It was an obvious approach to design the interface around the interior of a 1950s / 60s cinema. Theatre seating forms the secondary navigation menu as Johnny sits ‘cheekily’ on the big screen.

Little Johnny Joke Machine Ad

Little Johnny Joke Machine iPhone screens

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