International Cricket 2010

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Trickstar Games




International Cricket 2010


UI Design & Development


International Cricket 2010 is a video game developed by Trickstar games for Codemasters on PS3 and
Xbox 360.

The UI look and feel reflects contemporary broadcast graphics whilst maintaining a video game aesthetic.

A user interface of this scale required extensive prototyping and testing during pre-production. 
Wire-frames, mockups and the devlopemnet of in-house tools in conjunction with industry standard software, were essential to enable the small UI team to move into full production with
confidence. Management of this team meant liaison with game designers, 3d artists, game coders, producers and the publisher.

Extensive code was written in conjunction with the creation of hundreds of art assets to complete this project. Communicating such a large amount of constantly changing information, over more than 50 screens required a clear direction and solid processes whilst also allowing for flexibility and change during the Agile production phase.

International Cricket 2010 received high praise from users and critics alike and was the number one selling game in the UK when it was released.

International Cricket Tournament Menu

International Cricket Lobby

International Cricket Squad Screen

International Cricket Incoming Bowler

International Cricket New Bowler

International Cricket HUD

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